OK, McD McBlog #5…

I deleted my previous effort… sepuku.wordpress.com.

It beats abandoning the blog or conversely, letting it become the focus of your life.

Every iteration teaches me something. But having been schooled I seem to change very little: I just get more fixed in my opinions.

I do this for me. To help me think through issues. You (assuming there might be a you) can watch. I won’t disclose too much but I might disclose something that I could never disclose if I put my name on this. That’s the main reason for anonymity: it creates a freedom to express that can limit the liabilities of public disclosure. I value that. We should all afford bloggers that wish to do so a right to privacy no matter what they write.

Of course, I can always just torch the joint. And I probably will at some point when I put too much of me out there and I want to re-set the stage and remove any clutter of strong opinion or position.

I will delete (again). The loss is irrelevant. The gain personal. I backup.