I wanted an XO for Xmas…

Everyone that put down money was getting their One Laptop Per Child XO devices.

I wanted one but couldn’t justify the Holiday money spent on an adult toy.  Especially since college tuition  fees, room and board and other expenses are exceeding our income.  It;s been a negative economy here for 4 years.

But, still I wanted to play.

And I did!

I downloaded the XO-1 LiveCD and booted it into a VMware session on my laptop. I got to play and  can say that the virtual experience is worth testing for any serious geek.  The only thing more fun would be a classroom full of them with kids discovering everything the XO can interact with… the web, other XO’s, RSS and several media and computer tools made with kids in mind and NOT people trained by years of PC use and expectations. A programmable, extendable, networked, media playing toy.

Someday, I’ll get the real deal but until then I’m a virtual XO kid.