Which Doesn’t Belong and Why? DBA is a four letter word.

I’m working on a computer database benchmark. The critical players on the team are named:

Bob, Amjad, Dhimant, Benoit, Vasu

One of the players has been consistently in the critical path and failed consistently to deliver a timely result. Often requiring going back to square one to reload the database.

The database is a Terabyte in size…

Bob and I are more alike than we are different. I’m just willing to put in more hours when I fuck up. I try NOT to fuck up. So, does Bob. He’s just not that good at planning ahead.

PS> One final note. Bob is a DBA. Computer Systems people and DBA’s never seem to get along. I can see why. 8 days into the effort and 95% of the time spent waiting for Ed to get the job done. If Ed ever reads this… I hope he doesn’t figure out that I changed his name to protect the intolerant.

I’m just waiting and venting. As you were…. gotta run, email update from Bob.