Hillary maybe “right” but she’s not effective in a debate.

Here’s the problem Hillary has with voters.

Bill Clinton would say “I feel your pain” (bites lower lip) and be believed. Hell, he could say “I did not have sex with that woman” and be believed. Faking sincerity was his most effective tool.

Hillary says “They are really hurting.” She’s smart enough to detect the pain but she cannot convey empathy that convinces the voter than she feels it too. She right but ineffective.

If she could just tap into that ability to connect on the basis of humanity that wants a leader with some heart: she’d turn it around and take it all the way.

But, it just may NOT be in her essential character to connect on that level… she did it ONCE just before New Hampshire when someone asked her “How are you holding up?” She connected to some real pain… hers and choked up a bit. She was sincere that “This is really hard.” Her numbers went up!

But, she hasn’t exposed many feelings since. And it’s a fatal flaw. As a politician she hasn’t been vetted with enough tough races to know what works. She’s learning on the job. Obama has connection down cold. He’s catching up with issues and other “less important aspects” of the job.

Would Obama rather be right or effective? Hillary would take “right” and just work harder on the effectiveness gap. She’s probably going to work herself into a hospital before she quits. I may join her. I’m exhausted by this process.

Did I mention that the color of her suit looked awful against “Red White and Blue?” It looked like a 1980’s sofa fabric. Sorry. Just an observation to go along with all my other opinions.

Am I right? or effective? (or ideally… both).