How Voters Rate a Debate

Hillary supporters are going to find out that Democrats look for political behavior that is DISTINCT from Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter. They reject “politics by character assassination”.

She used these “memory” linkages:
Rev Wright -> Farakahn – > Hamas -> 9/11
Ayres -> 9/11 -> “wish we could have done more”

That’s why Hillary will loose votes from this debate. Most people watch these debates to get a sense of the person’s character. The policy issues just leave them numb. Important to you and I maybe but most people don’t have the time to following the discussion… who do they believe? who do they trust?

It’s a chance to prove character.

Did George Bush EVER mention the Swiftboat slur in a debate with Kerry? No. Because he was coached that it would only cost him in the eyes of the voter to pull the conversation into a mud pit.

Hillary’s supporters are ALL ABOUT POLICY and they think Republican “stink bombs” are FAIR. That’s why she’s loosing because on issues of substance she should have won support but on issues of character she’s coming up short.

Democrats are becoming polarized around the issue of what the party stands for:

empathy or win-at-all-costs?

George Bush based his first “win” on compassionate conservatism: it worked!

In round 2 he was more considerate and respectful with John Kerry than Hillary was with Barack and that’s pretty hard for a lot of us to take.

But, it’s why she’s going to loose: it’s a character flaw.

If you don’t agree with me then you have an empathy deficit. I hope you have coverage for counseling because these next 90 days are going to drive you absolutely crazy. Seriously, check into it.

PS> I am not elite or superior. Just smarter than the average Hillary supporter. Deal with it. It’s called “Social Intelligence”. Look it up. It’s the number one attribute of successful people. They use empathy to get people to do what they want. They have empathy. Like the Dali Lama.

“I feel your pain” (bites lower lip). Bill could fake it.