YABC: Yet Another Blog Comment

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“Can’t we all just get along?”

The media loves to see all questions as “Yes or No”, “True of False” or…
sorry “Black or White”. But, the best questions are nothing more than a request for us to think… to think deeply.

I desparately want to see a change in the US Government. It will become a Yes|No question in November.

What Barack Obama was forced to do this week was take a “Yes or No” stance on a relationship that has lasted 20 years… It was obviously painful for him.

Reverend Wright has taken a stance on race and American Politics that has it’s roots in the Black Liberation Theology and it raises a simple question that the media will return to over and over:

Does Barack Obama believe in the fundamental stance of Balck Liberation Theology?

I don’t think he does. I think he sees another path to improve the lives of all Americans and he’s a trascendent political figure. He is asking us to jump into Martin Luther King’s dream and judge him by the strength of his character and not the color of his skin.

For me, that’s a question worth asking America… the time is now and the opportunity to move beyond race and inot a generation of character is here.

Let’s take the opportunity and talk about character. Reverend Wright and Barack Obama are men of solid character and watching them fight over their egos and their approaches to social justice is sad. The rest of us need to say “Stop”.

The people that prefer to see us divided and easily manipulated are enjoying the self-inflicted lever that has been created to prevent the rise to power of a good man who seems committed to making changes that will benefit all Americans without regard for the color of their skin, their gender or the religion they choose to practice.

What ARE we waiting for? Who do we think can take us to the next level? Why would we continue to fuel the flames of argument between people that need to join hands to see the changes they have been waiting for for so long?

Finter-pointing, name calling and trying to prove someone if more rigth than someone else is becoming a pawn in the game that is controlled by those in power.
When the pawns realize they have strength in numbers then the opportunity will be made clear… and the question will be
“Yes or No” to make a change.

I say Yes.

PS> I really enjoyed the Reverend’s speech to the NAACP. He’s not as “us vs them” person. He’s in many ways trying to get us all to accept that we are different but those differences are like the spices in the soup. They make the quality of the lives richer by expanding the creative possibilities of our lives.

May God bless you and your church. You have paid for the sins of others in this process.