A comment on Paul Krugman’s Public Option Essay

(I created this comment for Paul Krugman’s Public Option Essay but when I hit submit I got “The comment are is closed”. So, I’m saving the words and ideas here).

There are essential social services that do not function effectively as a “private industry” exclusively.

I believe and have for 40 years that Health Care is such a service. For the most egregious cases we have the government managed health care:

emergency room services in major cities for example are government run

A private health care system will optimize itself to control costs: not the users cost but the systems costs:

remove low profit users from the system: pre-existing conditions, pay out limits, high fees for “self-funded” users of the services.

The current system won’t scale: it rations care with the most basic control of a for profit system: ability to pay.

Everyone that has health care insure pays for it and those costs are escalating.

My 22 year old daughter just fell out of my coverage and is seeking a job. Until she finds one we are in need of an affordable coverage plan for contingencies. A publc plan would be a great service to me and I’d prefer to see my taxes raised to create this social safety net for all americans rather than our misguide attempts to bring dmocracy to Iraq and Iran at the cost of $trillions. I want my money directed towards bring an effective democracy to the US… with an effective democracy 45 million underserved people would be an issue that our government seeks to address.

In a few years the other 115M people will see the err of deffering healthcare reform as the increases in costs and the use of rationing/denial of services increase to levels we all think are criminal.

Anyone in good health won’t see the problems but if they have problems that require effective “insureance” they will wonder why this wasn’t fixed in the 1980’s.