Mastering the Outlook -> Gmail -> Posterous -> Twitter/FriendFeed/Wordpress Publishing “Rube Goldberg” System

I the Chain set up to:

1)      Create an email/post/tweet in Outlook

2)      Send the email out through a gmail account

3)      The email is sent to Posterous which:

a.      Posts the text to my Posterous blog

b.      Forwards the post using the subject for the Twitter Tweet and adding a hyperlink back to Posterous

c.      Forwards the complete blog post to my WordPress blog

d.      Forwards the tweet message to my FriendFeed account

e. I could add a Tumblr blog too just for excess waste of resources.

But there are still some issues… and it looks like it’s in the Outlook to Gmail config.

Posterous does it’s distribution when approached from my Gmail account. I just don’t like or trust web applications for the creation of complex text documents. The friggin’ browser drops text without a concern. I’ve been burned too many times

Trusting those little “textarea” edit-this-page input widgets.