I changed the CSS file for the @DaveWiner River2 News Reader/Aggregator so I can see the text on my iPhone… much happier with a larger font. I’m getting old. But it’s nice not to need the glasses.

There's a file in /opml/river2 called river.css and I changed the font sizes so I can read the River2 pages when I wake up and my vision is totally blurry. It's now great for use on an iPhone. I recall Dave Winer opening up some aspect of the OPML Editor so people could customize the CSS page rendering/style. I wonder if anyone has a truly elegant iPhone css page style for River2? If you do please leave a comment here.

I also opened port 5336 (Opml Editor/Frontier Kernel Port) in my UVerse firewall so I can see the news from the Edge data network as well as Wifi in the house.
NOTE: The Windows XP Firewall needed to allow access to port 5337 on the PC as well for this to work and OPML needed to be configuyred for Remote Access.