Dave Winer is Confronting Ageism at Scripting News. Tolerance is the key for me.

Learning to be tolerant is a key lesson for any age.

I’m 56 and I’ve learned to tolerate the oftne unintended slights of someone 20-30 years my junior…
primarily because I can recall life from their perspective.

In the world of technology we get grounded in a set of technical skills and staying current with young technologists is a full time job that most give up on at some point.

Respect for someone life experience is what I would wish for from the young and respect for the drive and initiative of the young is a value to be valued in some one older.

I expect my comment to be deleted. As a long standing Winer critic my posts never last on scripting.com. Maybe Posterous will allow my words to live a bit longer than 20 minutes.