For a “Conservative”, Andrew Sullivan, is Remarkably Liberal in His Thinking

I find myself eager to see what Andrew Sullivan’s “Daily Dish” is talking about on a Daily basis. It has views on culture, Politics and society that I find well grounded in a practical moral framework. When I disagree with him I don’t find myself outraged by his views… just aware that we carry different views of the world. I felt the same way about William F. Buckley. He was often wrong in my view but I understood his thinking and could see why he felt the way he did.

With many modern conservative’s I just see an intent to manipulate facts to serve a basic agenda that is indefensible in my way of thinking… dangerous to the effective workings of a social order and government. What we are experiencing now as a country is the inability of democracy to act in it’s own self interest… subject to political manipulation, people atcually are dismantling the effective use of government and creating a country that fundamentally is unsustainable in the long term.

I do believe in the effective pendulum of US political life and hope that many current trands can be reversed as the impacts of destoying our givernement and economy become clear… but the danger of slipping into facism is also ever present. And I don’t mean the “Obama is a Facist” meme… I was very adament that the Neo-cons and GW Bush we’re making America a facist state…
did make America a facist state. Recovery from that political tangent is still slowly being reversed. I would like to see that trend revered a lot faster.

I’m still Hopeful but cautious in my optimism that America can acutally use the intended controls of democracy to make effective decisions. The power of the media and power lobbying forces are still perverting the system and corrupting politics to a degree that we may not be able to recover and right the ship of state in time.

So, Andrew Sullivan’s view help be believe there are still a few Political Observers that speak from a core system of beliefs that promote social justice and intelligent public policy.