iPhone user: If you wanting to touch a blog paragraph to expand the PC’s view: go iPad

If the iPhone user interface is becoming a part of your relatioship to the web… an intuitive touch based User Interface, then you’re going to crave an iPad to make that experience even more enabling.

If you’ve never used an iPhone then your only going to see something you can already do on a laptop and potentially for even less with a NetBook.

The difference will playout overtime as those that continue to use a “carpal tunnel” inducing keyboard/mouse interface and those that move to a gesture-based interface *FOR READING* text.

For programming, data entry, writing and complex mouse manipulation the touch interface if just poor design.

But like the 80/20 database rule: 80% of the interactions are reads. For non-computer based professionals that number may be higher: consumers of media and text. That’s the target audience for the iPad. They will love the ability to flick pages about and rapidly start-up and switch between media streams.

The iPad is a computer for media consumption. I must have one. The information junkie in me needs to be fed. The programmer/creator in me will want to create or manipulate media for it.

It will change and challenge all other devices to compete for effective design. They will also get better and user interfaces as a result.

This is an effective market force at work: innovation that meets the users needs.