Wired blog: “Often it is only a small tweak like this that changes everything.” Right, the iPad GUI.

A lot of bloggers are forgeting about User Interface as a driver of product adoption and adaptation.

What the iPhone did to cellular phones: making them mobile computers more than anything else, the iPad will do to laptops and desktops. Reduce the dependency on the keyboard/mouse for rapid navigation.

I frakkin’ hate to use “Page Down” or (even worse) press the mouse on a small scroll-down target on a browser to read a long article. It physically hurts to read a lot on the web using these tools. The Mac has some better tools for navigating with a touch pad but I use the computer my job gives me 90% of the time. The iPhone probably reduced that 90% to 80%. An iPad would make a lot of those hours a lot less painful and reduce the onset of carpal tunnel damage even further.

1.5 lbs and probably a lot less “lap heat” also will matter overtime to millions. Our tools change us, especially when they become addictions.

Interfaces matter.

Design even more so: posture, eye strain, tendon stresses, and simple frustration with getting things done without stress.
Watch someone interact with their laptop for 4-5 hours a day and you’ll see physical problems in the making.